Merseyside is a region that is located in England and it has recently been recognized as being one of the best cities for drinking, partying and having a good time! There are so many different bars and pubs located at Merseyside that there is one to suit the taste to all locals and those that travel to the town.

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The restaurants that are located in Liverpool have been built rapidly over the past several years. The reason being is to move the market up a bit. There are so many different places that people can choose to eat at. There are some typical fast food restaurants and then there are the curry houses as well. At many of the restaurants that are located in Liverpool you will also be able to enjoy some live music as well!


  • Here at the Lunchbox Downtown, we try to give every guest a wonderful dining experience. Therefore, we provide both vegetarian and vegan meals. Our meals are all provided by Restaurant Food Suppliers, and are a hearlthy meal choice.